Jimmy Bryant’s Four Star Session with Sammy Masters

I first heard these recordings back in the mid 80’s and they’re still at the top of my list of favorite ‘take off’ guitar playing. Bryant was so ahead of time. The other day I re-learned his ‘Some Like It Hot’ solo. I have no idea where he got the idea for the 4 bar lick he plays over the break. Maybe just an exercise? He plays something similar, out of the same pattern on ‘Rock City Boogie’. It’s cool whatever it is. My timing is off a bit and not as clean but here’s where I think he played it on the neck. Check out the original if you haven’t heard it lately.

Random Shop Pictures 3/8/24

SV 1/4″ slug pickup with Bigsby type adjustable trim ring.
Celluloid replica pickguard for a 1936 D’Angelico Excel
1936 D’Angelico Excel with new pickguard installed.

5 String Mandolin with Vibrato

I’m using a Gibson BR-3 amp with a Nocturne Brain Jr. Barnyard pedal to get the amp to break up bit at low volume.

I finished up this 5 string last week. Weighs in at 5 pounds even and is tuned in fifths with a low C.

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