For Sale: Smith Special w/Engraved Hardware 2018

TK Smith Smith Special Guitar

I recently built this Smith Special to take with me to the 2018 CAAS convention in Nashville, TN. Having just returned, its now available for sale on our Reverb store. (update Sold 7/22)

The guitar features neck through construction, chambered maple body, Birdseye laminate top and back, and custom engraved hardware done in our shop. See other specs below.

In the guitar world, tailpieces have been engraved since at least the 1930s, but I first got curious about engraving other pieces of hardware after seeing a photo of some custom work on a Gibson owned by Merle Travis. I’ve also always loved engraved antique firearms. The attention to detail is incredible so I wanted to recreate that feeling in a guitar.

This Smith Special comes with a hand made custom case and leather strap that you can see in the photos. This is a one of a kind, completely custom guitar hand built by me. Please feel free to ask questions.

Neck: 25.5″ Scale, Curley Maple & Walnut through body construction with Brass Nut 1.65″wide

Neck Shape: ’40’s Epiphone Soft “V”

Fretboard: Rosewood 12″ radius. Inlay: White MOP w/gold arrows

Frets: Vintage medium

Pickups: Engraved Open Top C.A.R.

Finish: Nitrocellulose lacquer

Tail Piece: Engraved Smith Vibrato

Strings: Thomastik-Infeld JS112

Tuners: Waverly No. 4060

Weight: 7lb. 13 oz.

(Amp in photo not for sale)

TK Smith Smith Special

TK Smith
TK Smith
TK Smith
TK Smith
TK Smith

Smith Special with Engraved Hardware

TK Smith

We are proud to announce in-house hardware engraving available for our custom builds. Ernie Brooks, an extremely talented artist who has worked with TK for years, has quickly become a top-notch engraver. This speciality hardware adds a whole other dimension to our custom guitar service. TK and Ernie collaborate closely on these pieces, which are available on any Smith Special as an optional upgrade. Here’s the latest.

TK Smith

TK Smith

TK Smith

TK Smith

As you can see on this Smith Special, we’ve just made our RCA style volume/tone knobs available in Black. They are in the Store now along with the Cream knobs.

TK Smith

TK Smith

In The Shop – Matt Codina

Matt Codina stopped by the shop one last time before he heads off to Chicago as part of the cast of the musical Heartbreak Hotel.

We ran through a few songs including this Chet Atkins version of Mountain melody. Matts using his pine tele with my CAR pickups and a Texotica Presidio with a 15” speaker.

Good luck in Chicago Matt!

Weekend Inspiration

Posted this a while back, but I sure like the playing on this. Jaun’s using a CCII pole piece pickup, Thomastik JS112s and a Vintage 47 Tonemaster amp with a 12” speaker.

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