Summer Update

I made a new vibrato pattern for some builds I have coming up. I have a few extras that I put for sale on store here. I think they’re pretty sharp looking. You’ll need to shim the neck or cut the neck pocket at an angle when you build your body. I use a 3/4″ to 7/8″ bridge height.

Mandolin Fever

TK Smith
TK Smith
TK Smith

I’ve been on a 5 string kick lately. Shipping out two this week.

The mandolin with vibrato weighs 5 lbs. 4 ozs. and is tuned like a standard mandolin with a C on the bottom.

The mandolin with out vibrato weighs 4 lbs. 11ozs. and is tuned like an octave guitar minus the bottom E.

I changed mine to standard guitar tuning but in Bb so I’d have some lower notes available. Here it is on rhythm changes…

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