July Update

I have new tooled leather straps available in my store. Find out more here.

I’m starting another Kay re-neck for a customer with this really clean Kay body. Making a neck, a single CAR for the bridge position, installing a B-6 vibrato, aluminum bridge and a custom pickguard. These are so fun to do!

I also machined another batch of vibrato castings, available here, and scored a bunch of really nice 3A maple last week.

Thanks for checking in and stay cool out there.

Smith Equipped Telecaster

I did one similar to this a few years back. This one is headed to a customer in Oklahoma with the state bird, the scissor tail swallow, on the pickguard and SV-1 pickups.

Recent Customer Demos and Pictures

I really like this clip of Juan. If you close your eyes it sounds like an archtop. Open top CAR pickups through a Fender Champ amp.
Matt Codina on his new Roadmaster DeLuxe. I always get the urge to burn my guitars after hearing Matt pick, haha.

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