Single Pickup 5 String

I have a couple of builds ready to spray this next week. Including this single pickup mandolin. I’m looking forward to testing it out. It has just a single pickup slightly forward of the bridge position.

Bill Frisell Trio

Here’s some great inspiration, Bill with Rudy Royston, drums and Thomas Morgan on bass. Bill is using his ‘birds’ tele with my SV pickup in the neck. The pickup is based on a Stratosphere pickup with 1/4” slug magnets.

Early Bigsby String Anchor Bar

I made up a batch of early Bigsby type string anchor bars with removable pins to go with my vibratos. I have a few extra for the folks who want that period correct look for their USA made Bigsby vibratos. Bigsby used removable pin anchor bars from the start up until the early 60’s when they switched to the press in pin style used today. You can get one here.

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