Big Sandy on Art Fein’s Poker Party 1990

Here’s some old footage that turned up on Youtube a few days ago from August of 1990. Big Sandy sure knows how to deliver a song! Wally Hersom on bass, Bobby Trimble on drums. I’m using my tweed Tremolux with an Epiphone Broadway. I wish I still had the Tremolux.

Roadmaster Custom

I finished up this custom Roadmaster for Brian Saunders over the weekend. It’s a blast to play!

Also, I’m stocked up on all T-shirt sizes in black or grey. check them out here

Kay Progress

I sprayed the neck this afternoon. I got the neck color right on with the original finish on the body.

Also, we’re stocked up on all sizes of black and grey T-shirts.

Some progress on this Kay re-neck. For hardware it’s getting a single C.A.R. mounted at the bridge, volume and tone control, custom pickguard, aluminum nut and bridge and Bigsby B-6 vibrato.

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