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I had a great time last week when Tom Almanzar, Jeff West and Pope Paul came out to the desert to spend the evening with myself and my band the Creosote Serenaders. We talked about everything from guitars to old times to whats we’re up to today.

The band is myself on guitar, Jim Austin on bass and Lisa Fuller singing. I’m really happy with my guitar tone on these recordings. I’m using a ’46 Epiphone Zephyr Deluxe with CAR pickups into an EH-150. Check it out when you have an hour to kill.

Summer 2019

Hard to believe that summer is more than half way over.

It was great to see guitarist Kyle Ryan playing his Midwestern Smith Special on the Today show with Kacey Musgraves a few weeks ago. We delivered the guitar to him in February when they stopped in Los Angeles on their world tour.

We couldn’t make it to Summer NAMM in Nashville this summer but Darrell Jennings, of Guitar Habitat/American Music Furniture, took the double neck that I recently made for him. His crew built a custom cabinet for the guitar. Their cabinets control both temperature and humidity.

I’m working towards finishing up a few Roadmasetrs and Specials to end the season.

Hope you all had a great summer too!

TK Smith

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