“Out of Phase” Guitar Pickups

TK Smith

I was recently asked why I played so many songs with my guitar pickups wired out of phase on Big Sandy’s “On The Go” LP.  The answer to that is… shortly before we recorded the album Robert played me a recording by Louie Innis,  ‘’Ain’t Got A Pot To Peel Potatoes In’’. The song features a great takeoff guitar solo with out of phase pickups. It was the first time I can remember hearing that sound. Immediately I put a push/pull tone pot in my Gretsch to have the option of the out of phase sound. I’ve always thought that the guitar player on this Louie Innis recording might be Roy Lanham but I’m only guessing. If anyone knows the session details of this recording please leave a comment.

You can hear the great Louie Innis recording here

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