The Hofner

TK Smith

I just finished the custom pickguard/pickup on this old Hofner. When the client, Benny, brought it to me, I had only seen a handful of Hofner guitars in person and never this model.  This guitar was beautifully constructed and had a great sound for chunking out rhythm chords.

Benny wanted to add a pickguard mounted pickup without adding any new holes into the guitar.  I only had to drill two small mounting holes, one on the side of the body, for the rear mounting bracket and one on the side of the neck. The remainder of the mounting screws went into existing holes.  I had to open up the endpin hole to ½” for the jack.  I went with a Charlie Christian looking pickup but constructed more like a P-90 to fit in the limited space.

I hadn’t paid much attention to Hofner guitars in the past but this one really opened my eyes.  I’ll be looking for them in the future.



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