Ring Gate

Ring Gate by TK Smith

On our way in to L.A. last week for a job, we stopped by our old house to snap some quick photos of a gate TK made a few years back. We didn’t get many pictures of the gate at the time, or any of the work we did before we sold the house. Walking up, we didn’t  know what to expect but it turns out that the people who purchased the house from us still live there, and seem to take allot of pride in what we left behind.

The gate was made in three sections, two fixed and one that swings. Made from recycled pipe that was cut into rings and welded together, each section was then galvanized and put into place. The gate has held up nicely over the years. Three of the photos are of the entrance to the house and the other is to a side yard.

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  • We’ve been discussing how best to build a gate for our driveway to keep the hooligans out and Jeremy totally has been promoting stealing this idea from you guys. It looks great!

    And the new owners have to love what you guys left behind. Lucky ducks.