The Copper Door

The Copper Door custom fabricated table and benches

We finally had a chance to head down to the Santa Ana Arts District to visit our friends Marta and Davin Gumm at their most recent creation, The Copper Door. After spending the last three years successfully building up Number Nine Noodles and Beer in Long Beach, they were ready for a new challenge. Never ones to do things in a small way, they actually bought the historic Pacific Building that houses their new venture in the basement. They’re still working on getting the building ready for new tenants but the Copper Door is now open!

After TK worked with them in fabricating the clean, sparse furniture and fixtures at Number Nine, this time Marta and Davin designed a gathering spot with allot of warmth and texture. They told TK that they wanted a large slab of wood as a table in the center of the bar. What he designed and fabricated was a 30 ft. communal table with benches milled in Idylwild, CA. from a fallen ponderosa pine. To visually support something this large, he created bases made of hot rolled steel angle and flat stock welded together to make cages. The cages were bolted to the floor and filled with 4-6″ river rock. The end result adds a nice weighty centerpiece to the room. TK also fabricated the bar stools, wall sconces and two 14′ bars that are attached to the wall on one end and surround the support beams in the center of the room, all made of rough cut pine.

Everyone else that worked with their contractor did a beautiful job of creating a space that turned out to be one of the best bars we’ve ever had the pleasure of working or drinking in! If you’re in the area, definitely stop by to enjoy the surroundings, sample the great selection of Belgian and German beers on tap, and on many nights, live music . You can keep up with them on facebook here.

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