Road Trip-Austin

The Hot Rod Revolution

I normally don’t like car shows, but when we heard that the folks at The Jalopy Journal were putting on a show at the historic Austin Seaholm Powerplant with no more than 100 pre-1948 cars, we had to go. To enter the show, the cars had to be originally built back in the day, or built traditionally like they were in the 1940’s 50’s or 60’s.

The Hot Rod Revolution was held on Nov. 20th and was well worth the long haul with my roadster pickup from California to Austin. Most of the shows I’ve been to only have a small percentage of cars that interest me, but at the Revolution every car was a perfect example of the early days of car customizing and hot rod building. It turned out to be a great group of people, cars, music and food. The city of Austin was a great backdrop to my favorite car show yet and seeing friends while there made the weekend even better. Below are pictures of a few of the cars. To see even more photos of the show and other pics of the weekend you can click here.

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