I’m about a month into making the transition from a flatpick to a thumbpick for Travis picking. Breaking thirty years of hybrid picking habits has been a challenge to say the least. I join the 55+ club in 7 months and hope to be a thumb picker when I get there. Haha I’m using a Fred Kelly Slick Pick with the tip sanded a little thinner, Thomastik JS-112s, CAR neck pickup and a Magnatone 213 with the vibrato on slightly.

Old Dale Drifters

TK Smith

Each time guitarist Mickey Smay has come out to stay with us we’ve been able to record at least one song with Jim Austin on bass. We call our Trio the Old Dale Drifters, named after the Old Dale mining district east of 29 Palms, CA.

Its been a blast working on these songs with Mickey. First we recorded “Red Barn Boogie” when he was just 14 and then last year we worked out “Thats a Plenty” when he had just turned 16.

The 45 is now available on  iTunes, Apple Music, Google play, Amazon, Pandora and Iheartradio. Or you can just click this link:

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