Gibson J-100 Re-Neck

TK Smith

TK Smith

I’m getting close to finishing a new neck for this J-100. The guitar was damaged in hurricane Katrina. The body was stripped and refinished by the customer and then sent to me for a neck, C.A.R. pickup mounted in the sound hole and a pick guard.

Update: Now that its finished the owner wrote a great piece on this guitars history. You can read it HERE

C.A.R. Pickup Variations

TK Smith

Top to bottom: C.A.R. Blade with a flat base, C.A.R. pole piece with a raised base, Open Top C.A.R. with raised base, Open Top C.A.R. with flat base. Available in my Store. For the Open Top pickups and the Blade, contact me directly.

Inspiration for the week from João Erbetta

Here’s a little Monday morning inspiration. João is working on a new recording using his Tele with some of my early aluminum pickups.  Here’s video we posted a few years ago of him playing the same guitar here. Thanks João, you sound great!

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