Instrumental in Minute No. 1

First in a series of 15 second guitar instrumentals. (not sure if I’ll do another one) Using a C.A.R. pickup, neck position plugged into a Gibson EH-185 amp.

When I sit down with my guitar, most of the time I choose a chord structure and try to figure out something interesting to play over it. The chord structure is usually different and most of the time I forget the riff or chop I’ve worked out a day or two later. I figure this is a good way to save them. The 15second time limit is nice because I usually can make it through in one or two takes without playing that many clams and it doesn’t waste too much of my or the viewers time.

The chords progression on this one is a 2, 5 intro then /A/E aug/A/E aug/A/F #7/B E/A/  then noodling in A, the ending chord is an A9b5.

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