CCII Installation for JD McPherson

JD McPherson’s New #1

May 5, 2014

Broken Arrow’s own JD McPherson has been tearing up the road with some great vintage tones for a while now.  We recently had the privilege of installing some custom parts from TK Smith for JD on a brand new tele including an inlaid pickguard and a Charlie Christian pickup.  TK did a great job with the parts and JD came to us to have them installed.  After the new parts were installed, we did a full setup to deal with some playability issues.  JD took it out on the road and after talking with him this morning he says this Tele is his new number 1!  Thanks JD.

Check out for some really cool custom parts and guitars.

Catch JD this Friday, May 9th in OKC at the Performance Lab

Guitar Technical Service Custom Guitar Repair Tulsa JD McPherson Tele Charlie Christian

The original pickup and guard.

TK Smith

Original routing.

Tele routed for TK Smith CC Pickup

A big cavity for a big pickup!

TK Smith

Looking good!

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