Pat Capocci-Linda Lou

Got a note from Pat this week along with this clip, letting me know that he’s getting great results with my pickups in the “out of phase” position. Its been a few months since we modified his Tele. Glad to hear it’s working out:

“Hi Tk,

How are you? The pictures you’ve been posting of your necks on Instagram look amazing! I thought I’d send you this little clip, I’ve been using the “out of phase” setting a lot, its been great on the RnB stuff. I’ve been over the moon with the guitar lately, its really settled in feeling and sounding great! We posted one of the new cds over to you to TK, hope you dig it. Hope your well


“Hey Pat

Damn! Great playing. The guitar sounds great too. What amp and kind/gauge strings are you using? I’m really glad your digging it.


“Hi Tk,

Thanks for the kind words, its really feeling/sounding great! super stoked!
I just had it plugged straight into a 59 Bassman Reissue, and I’ve been using D’addario 10-50 flatwounds, but with a unwound/nickel G, same string set up as Dans using
Hope your well,


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