Gibson EH-150

TK Smith

TK was on his way to the shop the other day and out of the corner of his eye noticed a guy walking into a pawn shop. In the split second that he looked over, he could tell what the guy was carrying under an old canvas cover, a Gibson EH-150. The only part visible was the very bottom of the amp, but the curves were unmistakably familiar. A quick u-turn and moments later, it was his. When we took off the cover, we couldn’t believe how clean it was. The guy said he got it at an estate sale in Vegas but inside was a receipt for repairs made in 1945 in Toledo, OH. She’s been around but she’s still beautiful! We’ve never seen an EH-150 this clean in person. TK will wait to fire it up until he has a chance to go through it to make sure there are no bare wires. The chances of driving by at that exact moment are pretty unbelievable, lucky day.


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