Monthly Motivation-Chuck Wayne

I purchased the Guitar Arpeggio Dictionary by Chuck Wayne and Ralph Patt at a music store by my house back in the early eighties. The book is out of print now but if you ever see it, you should get it. At the time I had no idea who Chuck Wayne was, nor did I realize he would become one of my favorite players later in life.

My guitar teacher at that time told me ‘’ there’re three things you have to do to become a good guitar player, memorize all of your scales in all keys, memorize the Guitar Arpeggio Dictionary and, listen and memorize solos of your favorite players.” I can remember thinking that shouldn’t be too difficult. I’m still working at it thirty years later and if I live to an age of 200 I might have a chance at it.

Ralph Patt’s “Vanilla Book” is also a great resource that shows the “basic” chords to over 400 Standards.


  • July 12, 2012 at 12:23 am //

    great stuff TK. found a copy online and this is exactly the kickstart i needed. thanks!

  • TK! I just tracked down a copy of this book online. I LOVE the internet! If I study like crazy as a prerequisite, any chance you’d let me pay you for a few lessons?! Used to play in rockabilly bands a long time ago–actually had a few lessons with Archie Vowell back in the day. But having a hard time understanding how your brain works! Need a little help to point me in the right direction. In any case, thanks for posting those great YouTube vids. TT