Pat Capocci’s Modified Telecaster

I was in Australia last April with Big Sandy, filling in for Fly-Rite Boy, Ashley Kingman, and ended up bringing home Pat Capocci’s Tele for an overhaul. We shared the bill in Melbourne with Pat’s band, where he played my Tele that I had just set up with one of my new pickups. Originally we were just going to add a Blade Pickup in the neck position, but then he decided to go all the way. Following is a list of what we did:

1. Blade Pickup in the neck position

2. Pole Piece Pickup in the bridge

3. Cut down the Fender bridge

4. Custom bakelite Pickguard with Pat’s name inlayed

5. Back of the guitar was chambered for tone and weight

6.  Bakelite cover made for the back

7. Refinish in blonde nitrocellulose lacquer

This job was allot of fun and the guitar is heading back to Australia this weekend. While in Melbourne, I discovered my favorite local beer, VB, which I think is their equivalent of Milwaukee’s Best?

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