Joshua Tree Kitchen and Bath

Joshua Tree Kitchen

This Kitchen and Bath renovation in Joshua Tree is in a home that sits in one of the most beautiful spots in the area. The client gutted the house and started from scratch. In the kitchen, we were able to use some of the vintage etch wood out of my grandfathers house.

Joshua Tree Kitchen

I love this material and was happy the client wanted to use it. We still have limited quantities of the original etch wood and will continue to use it on various projects until we run out.

Kitchen Island

It’s great to be able to recycle a material that has held up so nicely.

Bathroom Vanity

The cabinet faces in the master bath are oak veneer that has been painted, and the grain filled with a contrasting cream color.  I built a vanity for double sinks and a storage wall directly across from it using the same finish.  Will post more photos soon.

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