A “B” for my “A”

Ford Model B Engine

For the last few years I’ve been waiting for the right model B engine for my roadster pickup to come along. The few I’ve gotten close to have either been beyond my budget or I’ve been way to late. So last week this one came my way and I bought it! It was taken out of a ’29 model ‘A’ pickup that was being put back to stock specifications back in 1981 and has been in storage ever since.  The Model ‘B’ engine was an improved version of the model ‘A’.  It’s stronger and more powerful, so it was sought after by racers and hot rodders.  It first came out in 1932 and they’re getting harder to find.  It came with a ’32 gearbox that will be an improvement over my model ‘A’ gearbox.

Also last month, I finally had a chance to make a 3-piece hood for my roadster. It’s made of 18 gauge steel.  I formed the top over a piece of 4’’ pipe that was fastened to a sawhorse. I modified a pair of vice grips to form the bead along the back of the hood. A friend in Riverside punched the louvers for me.

I should also say RIP to the great George Shearing whom we lost last month. I listen to his early trio and quintet on an almost daily basis.

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