Meanwhile, In The Netherlands

Now that Rolf Hartogs and his Smith Special are back home in the Netherlands, he’s had some time to sit down and play it with his own amp. You make the guitar sound great Rolf! Thanks for the note and the clips.

Saturday Night Shuffle

Hi TK,

Here are two video’s I’ve put on Youtube.

I really like the sound of the pickups, very, very clear!!!! And I really like the way all three settings sound different, but the volumes are still in balance with each other.

The neck pickup has less output than your rail pickup on my telecaster but I set the rail pickup also a lot closer to the strings. But the CAR pickup is a lot clearer. I can’t compare the pickups to anything else, I just think they really sound fabulous very dynamic and great response.

I can’t tell you how happy I am with the guitar, I’m playing every day again, the fun in playing has returned, thanks for that!

Cheers and say hi to Jill!



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