Humorous Installation

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When we recently received an order for a C.C.esque pickup from Paul Trigg in Australia, like always we were thrilled. Once it arrived, he had questions about the installation which caused a bit of concern. After TK responded, Pauls final message had us laughing out loud first thing this morning and made our day so we thought we would share. We love a guy with a great sense of humor who doesn’t take it all too seriously. Most of all, we’re happy that he’s happy!

hi guys,pickup arived today,thanks.but im having trouble fiting it.dose it/is it ment to come apart if i remove the 2 tiny allen key screws?. and if not how do i cut in to a tele pic guard?.paul

Glad the pickup made it. No, the pickup is NOT meant to come apart. If you haven’t  done a pickup installation I highly recommend bringing it to a qualified guitar luthier that has experience in guitar customizing. The body will have to be routed and the pickguard will have to be cut with a router or scroll saw. Below is the link to the pickup schematic thats on our website store. Again, I would NOT recommend you do this yourself if you don’t have experience. You could easily damage your guitar, the pickup or both.

Good luck!

ok so it turns out im not a qualified guitar luthier but i gave it a guys are gona roll your eyes but heres what happened:routed out the pick guard(not quite enough)then tryed to force(bad)pickup into place.broke a bit of the white binding of both long sides of said lovly pickup.super glued(also a bad decision)binding back on,then got out the metholated spirits(slaps forhead in disbelife)to try to clean up spill out of super glue and end up gouging 2 big rutts out of the i said,dick head.but the pickup is installed and i love the sound!.the guitar is heavly relicked so im not overly conserned with cosmetics but thinking about aging the pick up to blend it in a bit,any advice for matting(taking off the gloss and polish)?.sorry about the essay.i love the pickup,just a shame what i did to it.paul

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