Monthly Motivation-The Whippoorwills

I wish I had the writing ability to cleverly put into words how great I think this clip is. I’ve been watching it once or twice a week since Deke posted it. What I can say about it is…. Roy Lanham was an ass kicker on the guitar and Doug Dalton equally kicked ass on the mandolin.  Sweet Georgia Brown’s (Juanita Vastine)  voice and the rhythm guitar playing I can’t get enough of.  The bass playing is excellent, and on top of that they can all sing in perfect harmony. Not too many bands you can say that about. I love the beginning of the solo; Roy tries to go first but Doug doesn’t have it. Doug must have thought to himself ‘’Roy had the entire intro to himself there’s no way he’s going first on the solo section’’. Enjoy…

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  • yeah classic old clip

    plenty of good wood in it

    lanham, pre leo’s jazzmasters and jaguars

    & caps in style with beloved gene vincents blue caps