Invaluable Assistance

TK SmithWe have talked about wanting a logo for TK Smith’s Electronic Guitar Service for a while now. The first person who came to mind, that we knew would understand exactly what we wanted, was designer Johnny Bartlett. Even though they hadn’t seen each other in years, TK had kept Johnny’s business card in his wallet all that time because he liked it so much.

Johnny agreed to offer his assistance and quickly came up with 10 amazing designs! We would have been happy with any one of them, but after living with each design for a few days, we narrowed our choice down to the one above. We feel Johnny hit all the right notes as far as communicating the name, service and products that we offer, in a simple timeless design. We’re so happy with it! He’s also a fellow musician. Check out Johnny’s design and music workhere!

We’ve also just launched a new Store which you can see here.

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