Monthly Motivation-George Barnes

It’s always a surprise to me when I mention guitarist/arranger George Barnes and people don’t know who he is, especially if it’s a guitar player! Mr. Barnes was playing an electric guitar even before the great Charlie Christian. He is by far my favorite player of all time.

I remember the first time I heard the George Barnes Octet recordings. It made me feel like I needed to spend allot more time practicing. Twenty years later, I still feel the same.

I can’t imagine any well-known-so-called-guitar-hero today trying to follow George Barnes on stage or in a recording studio. It would be a joke! If you’re serious about becoming a better guitarist, do yourself a favor and get the full Octet recordings here.


  • April 2, 2012 at 7:11 pm //

    awesome! thanks for turning me on to him…been listening to a lot of buddy merrill as of late.

  • …as my dad would say, t.k., you are obviously a man of impeccable taste :) you do know i’m producing THE GEORGE BARNES LEGACY COLLECTION, and the very dear dave stuckey is helping me out by digitizing hours of very cool content. first release will be his beginner’s teaching method and private classes he gave in the two years before he died…stay tuned!

  • Thanks Alexandrea, I would have loved to have met/taken lessons from your dad.
    Can’t wait to hear The George Barnes Legacy Collection and can’t think of a better person to have helping you than Mr. Stuckey!
    Keep us informed. TK