Fresh Paint…

TK Smith

I decided to turn my custom shop nocaster into the guitar that I use to test my pickups. I routed out the backside and made a bakelite cover for it, similar to Merle Travis’s Bigsby. When I started, the body weighed 4lb. 4 3/4oz. After routing it out, it weighs 2lb. 11oz. I should have done this a long time ago. It feels and sounds great! I can now swap the neck pickup out from the back without taking the strings off. While I was at it, I striped the chipped up old paint, sprayed it with a few coats of white lacquer and added a new pickguard.

On a side note, we just added a few items to our new Store that we continue to get requests for. Will be adding additional guitar related items soon, as well as some things for the home.



  • nice!! but why not a bakelite arm rest to match…like the black top pickup…and that brushed metal still looks super…ur approaching parsons string bender territory with that removable back…and light weight!

    really killer


  • Thanks T and John, I was thinking about using a black armrest but I made that particular one almost 20 ago and it’s kind of a good luck piece now.

  • in the word’s of my late uncle Paul Bleifuss , who taught me everything I know about working with wood and making instruments: “Wood is Good”