Don’t Desert Me

Someone from France put this recording of Big Sandy and The Fly Rite Trio up on YouTube awhile back. It’s one of the few recordings I’ve played on that I can listen to without thinking that I should of played something other than what I actually played. This is probably because I worked out the entire solo note for note the night before and played the same thing on each take. (can’t remember how many takes it took).

Everything the Fly-Rite Trio recorded was done live with a couple of mikes. If one person screws up, or is unhappy with their performance, you have to start over. It can be challenging to say the least, but it’s my favorite way to record. I think live recording is the only way to get an accurate representation of what a band truly sounds like. If you’re a musician and haven’t recorded live, try it. You’ll have greater respect for the way the musicians of the 40’s and 50’s recorded. Think about the recordings with multiple  ‘Hot’ improvised solos and how hard that would be to do live.

Recorded around 1989. We had 500 copies pressed to 78RPM record.  I think we sold most of them in the UK. If I could do it over, I’d like to have another crack at the solo on the flip side, I’m Gonna Leave.

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