Walnut Cutting Boards

TK played around with various shapes of Cutting Boards a while ago. After selling out of the initial run and using them ourselves, he has decided to stick with one simple shape in three sizes. Each board, made of Walnut, is individually Handcrafted by TK. Not only are they practical and easy on your knives, but they look amazingly beautiful stacked up in the kitchen!  We like to think of the small cutting board as a “cocktail” board, perfect for cutting citrus for your favorite drink, the medium, great as a bread board and the large, for the bigger jobs in the kitchen.

We recently gave one as a wedding gift and the recipient said she didn’t want to use it “because it would get scratched up!” We explained that that’s the beauty of it. These boards will last a lifetime and look even better with visable use. Like everyone should, she needs to “feed” the board with food grade mineral oil or a commercial paste once in a while to keep the wood in the best condition, and of course hand wash with soapy water, never in the dishwasher.

TK’s cutting boards will be available for sale soon on this site, as well in various retail outlets. Feel free to contact us for info. Also, while relaxing over the long holiday weekend, check out our House Tour over at Alice in Designland. Thanks Dia!

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