Kitchen Before and After

Smith Kitchen

Everybody loves “before and after” photos so we thought we would share a few of our kitchen. 7487 had a very overall “grey” look and feel when we first moved in. Grey tile, grey paint, grey stained curtains. Within hours of moving in, we ripped out the tile and cabinets. We wanted to stay with the mid-century esthetic the house was meant to have, but with modern convenience. The layout of the original kitchen wasn’t  bad so as we re-built, we kept the plumbing and appliances pretty much where they were originally. The simplest way to save money. We took this room down to the studs so we could do a bit of plumbing work in the walls with copper pipe in preparation of the day that our 1960 galvanized pipes decide to blow.TK put up new drywall, built the cabinets of euro-ply with formica countertops and ran gas, which already existed in the house, to the cooking area. Even with keeping the original configuration, we were able to maximize storage and countertop space in the re-build. We have been really happy with the results.  The  finish on the cabinets becomes even more beautiful over time as it deepens in color with age.

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