Woven Screen


When we were remodeling our first house, we decided to go all the way in the living room and get rid of one of the biggest eyesores in most homes, the big boxy television. (back in 2003 anyway) Our house was small and there was only one wall that would work to hang our new flat screen TV. Problem was, that when you walked in the front door, we didn’t want the first thing you see to be the side of it. TK came up with a solution by making a narrow screen that added interest to the room and blocked the side view of our new toy.

The rails are made of 1″ square tubing, the cross rods are 5/16″ steel rod spaced at 6″ apart, the woven wood came from an 1/8″ door skin that he had left over from a previous project, and there are threaded feet at the top and bottom to help lock it into place. He cut the door skin into 1 3/4″ strips, powder coated the frame and once put together, we had a stylish, economical solution to our problem.

The photo above and the first one below, are of the screen in it’s original location. The other photos are of it in our current home where we placed the screen to give a bit of separation in our open entrance/ living/dining area’s. The close up photo, which was taken by Morgan Satterfield of The Brick House when she came for a visit, shows the simple design, and the other photos I took on a snowy day in the desert. Even if you are a novice welder, you could try this project yourself, or if not, TK can create one for you in any size. Please contact us with questions.


  • Jeremy is trying to talk me into a woven fence for our side yard like your guys…and he is kind of winning. I think I want a masonry fence though, less exciting but more private for pool time!

  • That’s a tough call. When you do the woven fence out of wider metal, it’s pretty private.