Time Bandits


In my very first post, I said that once in a while I’d talk about  cars, guitars and other hobbies besides furniture. If it weren’t for these two, I’d probably get a lot more accomplished in the shop. They are always in their stands, somewhere close by. I find them almost impossible to walk by  without one of them stealing some of my time. They’re both partscasters, assembled from various old and new guitar parts. Here’s a rundown of what each is made up of.

The Bigsby TelecasterBody by Fender/”51″ Nocaster, Neck by Fred Stuart, Vibrato by Bigsby/B-16, Vibrato arm by TK Smith, Bridge by Bigsby, Pick-guard inlay by TK Smith, Walnut armrest by TK Smith, Rear pickup by Fred Stuart “Blackguard Tele”, Front pickup by Virtual Vintage “PA 1946“.

The TelecasterPine body by Brian Poe, Lacquer by TK Smith, Esquire neck by CW Fleming/Fender custom shop, Early Fender ashtray cover, Rear pickup by Fender 1953, Front pickup by Fred Stuart, Knobs are 1955 Fender. Both guitars have Thomastik-Infeld flat wound strings, .013-.053