Handcrafted Cutting Boards

Small Walnut Board

We constantly talk about creating beautiful objects that are functional and that can be used in our everyday life.  Items that we use on a daily basis and will last for many years, not just to be tossed out when they wear out. We are actually pretty disgusted at this point with the “disposable” lifestyle that most people have become accustomed to. We have, unfortunately, become a disposable nation.

Even when it comes to something as simple as a cutting board, why not work on a quality, handcrafted wood surface that will look better with time, taking on a patina of experience and the soul of the user. Good quality wood is also easier on your knives so they will last longer as well. TK and I have always made an effort to live with and use the everyday objects from our parents and grandparents, or anyone else when we can find a good estate sale! If taken care of properly, these Walnut cutting boards will be around  for generations. Each board has been handcrafted in TK’s shop. Each has it’s own distinct personality grown from an individual touch and the uniqueness of each piece of walnut. There are four sizes and the handles are sculpted in a square or round shape. These boards are beautiful but they are meant to be used, not just look good! They have been treated with a custom “food” for the wood to keep them beautifully conditioned.