Spice Rack


Most of the work that TK has taken on in the last year has been pretty large scale; kitchens, storage units, furniture and outdoor items like fences and gates. Out of my passion for all things about food, I asked TK to make me a spice rack. There are very few options out there. This one is a prototype that we have been playing around with for about a year. We’re now serious about coming up with a final design. Our final version may look nothing like this, but we wanted to share it in the beginning stages. I like to transfer my spices into dark, apothecary glass and keep them out in the open. I feel that if they’re out of sight, out of mind and they don’t get used as often. Plus we love the idea that everyday items that we use, become part of the aesthetic of a room, not just clutter on the counter, especially in a kitchen or bath. We’ll give an update here as soon as the final design is complete so keep  checking back! We would love to hear your suggestions?  Also, as a reminder, next weekend is Wexler Weekend in Palm Springs. You can still get tickets to the various events!

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  • If I actually had wall space in my kitchen, I’d be all over this! I might have to rip out a cabinet to make room for one of these.