Vintage Toolbox


In our first blog post, T.K. said we would talk tools from time to time. If you look back at the”Today’s the Day”, he expressed that vintage American made is his preference when it comes to his tools. This especially holds true with items that have a connection to family history. We recently came across two wooden toolboxes that were hand crafted and signed by Heamer Sermersheim in 1949. They were made for his son Denny, who was T.K.’s grandfather. Heamer, who resided in Jasper, Indiana, was T.K. great grandfather. Like T.K., Heamer was a musician and a cabinet maker. Although most toolboxes today are predominantly metal or plastic, wood for the construction of them was the material of choice dating back to the early 1800’s.

As you can see, these boxes have very rustic dove tail joints done by hand, brass reinforced corners and brass pulls. We love the look of the two boxes with the patina from years of use from a grandfather and great grandfather who both worked with their hands, both craftsmen in their own right. We see the value of using and preserving these  artifacts from our past, channeling the knowledge of those before us. To see other great stories and examples of vintage toolboxes, check out the “Vintage Toolbox Club” or “Grandfathers Toolbox” on the H.A.M.B..

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