Adult Toy Box


If you’re in to Modern Design, you probably don’t like clutter. We’ve all been to a friends house, or possibly your own, where there just seems to be “stuff” laying everywhere. So where do you put your Adult Toys? No, No……I mean your remote controls, ipod, cell phone, you know, your gadgets. We make three versions of what we like to call the Adult Toy Box.  Each version has the same size box, 20″w x 9″h x 12″d, and all have  a aluminum track for the doors to slide from side to side. The difference between them is the base and the door material. In two of them you see one door made of walnut, the other white laminate but one base is like a tripod while the other has a convenient shelf under the box.  The third version has keyed  mitered joints, both doors made of vintage etch wood and a base that resembles a spider. In the past, builders used etch wood for wall paneling . It’s simply plywood that has been chemically etched. It gives the wood an interesting effect. We salvaged it from a home that was being remodeled and now TK uses it in fabricating various pieces of furniture. Unfortunately, we have a limited supply of this material.  Our furniture made with etch wood are one of a kind pieces and will be limited editions. So whether you need a landing spot when you walk in the door, an end table with storage by the couch, or a bed side table, you decide which toys you want in your Toy Box! Contact us for pricing.

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