Modified K-161

TK Smith

Just finished up Matt Hillyer’s K-161. Here are a few pictures. It includes a new neck, C.A.R. pickups, Bigby vibrato, custom pick guard, truss rod cover, armrest and strap loops.

TK Smith

TK Smith

TK Smith

TK SMith

TK Smith

TK Smith

Water Transfer Decals

Image 4

We’ve been looking for a company to make us water transfer decals for a while now. It seems like its becoming a lost art. We finally found Art Decal Corp. right here in Southern, CA. They are the company that made many recognizable water transfer surfing decals in the 60′s and 70′s. The company has been around since 1947 and are one of the few to remain today. We’re really happy with the way they tuned out.

Image 3

Monthly Motivation-Jimmy Shirley

TK Smith

I’m almost ashamed to say that I’ve only found out about guitarist Jimmy Shirley earlier this year. I dig his use of the vibrato. The mix of chords and single notes with only a bass for accompaniment is perfection to me on this 1945 recording of Stardust. Now I’m on the hunt to turn up more recordings by this early electric guitar master. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Dan and the Dualtones

When I woke up to this live clip of Dan and the Dualtones doing Bee Byrd Bounce, (very reminiscent of Jimmy Rivers and the Cherokees) I was thrilled. The fact that he’s using my pickups was the icing on the cake. What a great band! Enjoy….

Monthly Motivation-Lover Come Back To Me

TK Smith Monthly Motivation

Every time I  I hear this recording I think of what one of my Guitar teachers used to tell me…”play it like you mean it” is what he would always say. I don’t think it’s possible to play with more feeling and intention than Mr Barnes does on this one. My all time favorite guitar ballad/instrumental. Hope you enjoy it.

 Lover Come Back To Me

Al Willis-Sixty Minute Man

It’s amazing that for someone like me who originally never wanted a cell phone and just started using email a few years ago, that we can ship a guitar to France and a few short days later get back a video of it’s new owner playing a great version of Sixty Minute Man. I really like Al’s picking style. There’s a lot of drive, I can almost hear an upright bass player and a snare drum with brushes in the background. Technology has made my world much smaller in a good way and introduced me to some pickers that I would have otherwise never known. Thanks Al for sharing!

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