Cast Resin Vintage Volume/Tone Knobs

TK Smith Volume/Tone Knobs

We recently started making our own cream RCA style volume/tone knobs. They’re cast reproductions of the knobs used on some of my favorite vintage guitars of the 40s and 50s.  Similar to the knobs used on Merle’s 1948 solid body electric built by PA Bigsby, they look great on any electric instrument. They measure 1″ by 9/16″ tall and fit a 1/4″ shaft with a slotted set screw. Up in the store now.

TK Smith

Then we decided to go ahead and make Stratosphere style knobs as well, similar to the ones on Stratosphere guitars of the 1950’s. They measure 1 1/16″ by 1/16″ tall and fit a 1/4″ shaft with a slotted screw. You can see them here.

Both styles are sold as a set of two or four knobs. Free shipping in the USA. If not in the USA and want to order, contact us directly so we can work out the best shipping price for you.

Chris Hartway – I’ll Wait For You

I got this clip from guitarist/builder Chris Hartway to use as a demo for my CCII pole piece pickups. He’s playing an original composition titled “I’ll wait for you”. I really like his playing style and I’m honored to have him using my pickups on some of the guitars he builds. He’s playing his latest build, a pine bodied tele, a doug fir neck and Kerly 50’s nickel 11-50 strings. He’s on the polepiece CCII, plugged into an Ampeg Jet J12 with an MXR reverb pedal. Recorded with an iPhone.

On a side note, the CCII is available in brown now as well as the original black.

TK Smith Guitar

Engine Turned C.A.R. Pickups

TK Smith

I never get tired of seeing Bill Frisell play. Here’s another post from the Fretboard Journal of Bill playing his Tele with my engine turned C.A.R. pickup.

Until the end of April, I’m offering the C.A.R. pickups with an engine turned finish at no additional cost. No code needed, just include a note at checkout when purchasing.


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