Smith Specials

TK Smith

Here are a few photos of the two finished Smith Special guitars that I’ve been working on for a number of months. I started mine over a year ago. When Hiro sent his Kay, I decided to build both guitars at the same time. I refinished the body on mine and Hiro’s has the original finish. You can see the process of both here.  Hiro’s is finally ready to ship to Japan and I can just enjoy mine for now. You can see photos below. Read The Rest

Napa Valley Installation

TK Smith

For a while, TK’s been fabricating a new work for Andrea Zittel called the “Workstation”. It’s a functional piece of furniture made to go between two home offices and holds the printer, other electronics, files etc.  We took a road trip this week to Yountville, in the Napa Valley to install it. The trip took an entire day to drive there, a day to install and a full day’s drive back. The location was an amazing Winery that features not only great wine, but some of the most beautiful and interesting architecture we’ve ever seen. The vineyard has a long, rich history in the area and the current winery was completed in 1997. The home on the property, where the installation took place, and which you can see in the upper left photo above, will be finished this fall.

Considering that the piece was disassembled before it left the shop and then reassembled on site, Read The Rest

In the Middle

We are fortunate to have numerous projects going on in the shop right now. This week is one of those times when everything is in the “middle” of the process and nothing is complete. We thought we would share some photos of a few projects, where they’re at up to today. Included are a Kay Guitar modification that’s just getting started, a Tele modification, some custom pickguards/inlay that are almost finished and a few fabrication jobs for artist Andrea Zittel. As each job reaches completion, we’ll post final photos. There is always some discovery or learning that occurs with each project Read The Rest

Pre-Production Pickups Available

After many months of testing, I finally have a limited quantity, small batch of Pickups available for sale. The Blade Pickup is $340. USD plus shipping, and the adjustable Pole Piece Pickup is $325. USD plus shipping.  I’m really happy with the way they sound. The Blade Pickup sounds very similar to a Charlie Christian and is excellent for jazz chords and single note playing. The Adjustable Pole Piece Pickup  also sounds like a Charlie Christian but has a slightly brighter sound.

I’m positive that if you play swing, bop or country jazz, you’ll be happy with either one of these pickups. We guarantee it!

Available in our Store now

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