Napa Valley Installation

TK Smith

For a while, TK’s been fabricating a new work for Andrea Zittel called the “Workstation”. It’s a functional piece of furniture made to go between two home offices and holds the printer, other electronics, files etc.  We took a road trip this week to Yountville, in the Napa Valley to install it. The trip took an entire day to drive there, a day to install and a full day’s drive back. The location was an amazing Winery that features not only great wine, but some of the most beautiful and interesting architecture we’ve ever seen. The vineyard has a long, rich history in the area and the current winery was completed in 1997. The home on the property, where the installation took place, and which you can see in the upper left photo above, will be finished this fall.

Considering that the piece was disassembled before it left the shop and then reassembled on site, Read The Rest

Custom Fabrication

For the past three plus years, TK has been custom fabricating various projects for artist Andrea Zittel at A-Z West. Sometimes we get so wrapped up in the work that we don’t take the time to get good photos. AZ recently gave us some great photos taken by photographer Jessica Eckert for the Andrea Rosen Gallery. All furniture designed by Andrea Zittel, built by TK Smith.

Nitze Kitchen

TK just finished this simple kitchen made of birch europly with black laminate faces. The client-friend saw the It House in a magazine, came to the desert from Berlin, bought a piece of land and built one for himself! When inside, the simplicity of this mostly glass structure, functioning completely off the grid, gives the feeling of really being one with the amazing desert surroundings.

No. 9 Slat Seating for Cafés and Coffee Houses

The first time I made this type of seating was about three years ago when Marta and Davin Gumm wanted furniture for their restaurant Number Nine Noodles and Beer. They had a vintage bar stool they wanted me to use as a model. Constructed of ½’’ steel rod and maple euro ply, they’re prefect for Cafes and Coffee houses that are going for a minimal or vintage feel.

Even though the Gumm’s sold Number Nine in Long Beach a while ago, it has been packed since the day they opened it. I just finished a new batch of seating for the new Number Nine location opening soon in Hermosa Beach, CA. Proudly made in the U.S. of A. Contact us for prices.

Bedroom Storage

Built in bedroom storage fabricated for Taalman Koch.  A tall wardrobe connects to the left of this unit, all made of maple europly. It’s been installed and we will post finished photos soon.

Walnut Prototype

Walnut chair by TK Smith

We’ve been working on a new office at 7487. I am always bugging TK to use his Diacro #3 Metal Bender, so he came up with a new prototype chair. The base is chemically blackened steel, the seat and back, walnut. TK is going to play around with various finishes including a nickel plated base and other types of wood. Our good camera has been in the repair shop for 2 months so we had to resort to taking photos with the iphone! Will post photos of the new office soon.

Los Angeles Kitchen

TK fabricated this kitchen for Andrea Zittel in her Los Angeles home.

Joshua Tree Kitchen and Bath

Joshua Tree Kitchen

This Kitchen and Bath renovation in Joshua Tree is in a home that sits in one of the most beautiful spots in the area. The client gutted the house and started from scratch. In the kitchen, we were able to use some of the vintage etch wood out of my grandfathers house.

Joshua Tree Kitchen

I love this material and was happy the client wanted to use it. We still have limited quantities of the original etch wood and will continue to use it on various projects until we run out.

Kitchen Island

It’s great to be able to recycle a material that has held up so nicely.

Bathroom Vanity

The cabinet faces in the master bath are oak veneer that has been painted, and the grain filled with a contrasting cream color.  I built a vanity for double sinks and a storage wall directly across from it using the same finish.  Will post more photos soon.

In between

Future Communal Table

We have a lot going on and nothing ready to photograph! Just thought we’d throw up a few shots from the past few weeks Read The Rest

Kitchen Before and After

Smith Kitchen

Everybody loves “before and after” photos so we thought we would share a few of our kitchen. 7487 had a very overall “grey” look and feel when we first moved in. Grey tile, grey paint, grey stained curtains. Within hours of moving in, we ripped out the tile and cabinets. We wanted to stay with the mid-century esthetic the house was meant to have, but with modern convenience. The layout of the original kitchen wasn’t  bad so as we re-built, we kept the plumbing and appliances pretty much where they were originally. The simplest way to save money. We took this room down to the studs so we could do a bit of plumbing work in the walls with copper pipe in preparation of the day that our 1960 galvanized pipes decide to blow.TK put up new drywall, built the cabinets of euro-ply with formica countertops and ran gas, which already existed in the house, to the cooking area. Even with keeping the original configuration, we were able to maximize storage and countertop space in the re-build. We have been really happy with the results.  The  finish on the cabinets becomes even more beautiful over time as it deepens in color with age.

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